Gibraltar Network Cage - Rack Card Housing

Gibraltar Network Cage

The Gibraltar Network Cage is the basic building block of the Wheatstone Gibraltar Network (TDM). These compact powerhouses can be configured with various DSP, I/O, CPU, and power supply elements to build any sized network, from one control room to dozens.

The Gibraltar Network Cage makes audio networking PRACTICAL. It's simple to install, easy to learn, and certain to reduce system costs. Compact enough for small applications, yet stackable for tremendous growth potential, it's design consists of a seven-inch, rackmount frame capable of handling 512 simultaneous audio channels on its backplane.

The Gibraltar Network Cage can be configured with a variety of plug-in cards for system access and virtually any audio source format and interface path: analog, digital AES (with sample rate converters), MADI, SDI de-embedding, and control surface mix engine cards. There’s even an audio-to-Ethernet interface that provides single wire integration to station audio automation playback systems.

Using the 4864 core switch, you can connect up to 48 I/O mix engine frames, each capable of 512 audio I/O paths. Because the mix engine is integral to the router, any input is available to any mix, and any input or mix is available to any output system-wide, forming a true router-based network system.

The cage’s audio cards are front loading, so service can be performed in real-time. Cards are available to provide virtually any type of mechanical interface suited to your application. Interface modules simply plug in from behind to provide RJ, DB, BNC or screw terminal connections.

Cages can be stacked to suit particular card complements (analog or digital input and output cards or optical network cards) but more significantly, cages can be separated by great distances and network audio through either bi-directional fiberoptic links or a single CAT6 wire.

If you wish to put together an IP network, click here for the Gibraltar IP Mix Engine.


  • 16 universal positions
  • 512 channels in 4 RU
  • Cards plug in from the front
  • Hot swappable cards
  • Modular rear panel connector cards
  • Optional redundant power supplies integral to the cage
  • Bi-directional fiber optic or CAT-5 interlocation connectivity
  • All digital domain AES switching
  • Both analog and digital (synchronous or sample rate converted) inputs
  • Both analog and AES digital outputs
  • TCP/IP based control protocol for communication with third party devices
  • Serial control and display drivers for legacy Wheatstone consoles
  • Fully routable GPI logic functions
  • Audio-over-IP card supports 16 streaming audio channels
  • Easy to use graphic interface



4RU, 19"/48.3cm wide

7"/17.8cm high

16"/40.6cm deep

18"/45.7cm deep w/connectors

Power supply     External

Slots     20 universal slots, including CPU (2 for redundancy) and DSP (3)

Slots available for I/O     15

Sample rate     44.1 or 48kHz, user selectable on CPU card

External sync input     On CPU card

Shipping weight     30lbs/13.6kg


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