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Wheatstone Remote Solutions

Wheatstone is committed to keeping our broadcasters up and running at all times. Our WheatNet-IP intelligent network offers an array of tools that can facilitate virtually any broadcast solution from just about anywhere you happen to be.

It can be as easy as linking up to the station via your laptop with remote control software. Or using BLADES and codecs along with hardware/software control solutions to set up a full studio at home that taps into the network at the station. 

And with AES67 capabilities, combining equipment from different manufacturers is relatively seamless.

Many of our WheatNet-IP stations are already set up for remote broadcasting, with different locations around the city, the state, the country, or the world.

This page is a table of contents to our existing solutions. Just click on an image to learn more about that product.

We are also here to assist with your ideas for custom solutions. Just contact us.



Remote Solutions for Radio Broadcast

Wheatstone ReMIX


To enable quick and easy remotes, Wheatstone has the new ReMIX. It's a standalone WheatNet-IP Windows™ application that works with any Wheatstone BLADE to provide access to a utility mixer and SLIO logic in the BLADE. You can use it locally at a remote location and connect to a WheatNet-IP network anywhere via a VPN. Or, you can use your favorite remote-access software to run it at the studio from your remote location.


In this video, Jay Tyler demonstrates how quick and easy it is to set up and use ReMIX.

Setting up ReMIX is fast and easy. Using the BLADE setup in Navigator, simply assign the sources you want to the BLADE's utility mixer. Point ReMIX at the BLADE and you are done. All the sources pop up where they are supposed to be. SLIO buttons are equally easy to set up.

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GLASS-E Virtual Mixers

LX24 Compilation

Glass-E for LX-24 console

LX24 Compilation

Glass-E for E-1 consoles.

LX24 Compilation

GLASS-E remote software for E-6 Consoles.


Virtual Mixer Interface (VMI)

GLASS-E How To Videos


denmark tieline henrik poulsen top left broadcasting live from the nordjyske bus 353x265"This is done by Wheatstone Glass-E and a Tieline Cloud Codec Controller, from where I can control any Tieline codec from setting the input levels if needed to set up connections, monitoring the quality of the stream coming in and out of our station. (public internet),” Henrik Poulsen, technical manager for Nordjyske Media, Denmark.

Excerpted from this Radio World article.

GLASS-E offers virtual mixers for Wheatstone LX-24, E-6, or E-1 control consoles. With GLASS-E, you can take control of your studio console, or create a virtual remote standalone console (when used with the VMI below) from anywhere.

The Virtual Mixer Interface is the engine for a GLASS-E virtual LX-24, E-6, or E-1 control surface.

Click here to learn more about GLASS-E and VMI

Remote LXE Virtual Mixer

Remote LXE

GlassLXE HybridRemote LXE mirrors the LXE hardware surface as a fully functional and studio-ready user interface, complete with like buttons and knobs as well as familiar navigation and menuing options for setting EQ curves, filtering and other custom settings. 

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Remote LXE How To Videos

Remote L-Series Virtual Mixer

L 12 snag1CaptureA

Our L-Series Remote virtual mixer gives you control over your L-8, L-12, or L-16 mixer. Source select, channel on/off, buss assign, cue, and fader volume are the options available. Requires an L-Series mixer running the latest software.

Remote Generation-Series Virtual Mixer

Generation snag1CaptureA

Our Generation-Series Remote virtual mixer gives you control over your legacy G-3, G-4, G-5, G-6. G-7, G-8, and G9 mixers. Source select, channel on/off, buss assign, cue, and fader volume are the options available. Requires an Generation-Series mixer.

Screenbuilder 2.0


ScreenBuilder faders, meters, labels, buttons, clocks, timers, and other widgets tie into function commands and elements on the WheatNet-IP audio network, which is a complete ecosystem of consoles, talent stations, I/O units, and accessories. At your fingertips are more than 50 different types of elements that can be connected together through the WheatNet-IP audio network, and countless third-party products that can be integrated into the network, including other networks that also are AES67 compatible.

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The video above features IMG's Ben Blevins demonstrating the screen he built using ScreenBuilder. He designed this customized interface to help his producers navigate over a dozen remote sports games, often in real-time and on the fly, for a new “Red Zone” channel called IMG College Football Blitz that features highlights from college football coast to coast. “There’s a production assistant that moves around the building and coordinates with the producer to acquire post-game, post-coach comments or other highlights from any of the games being produced (anywhere in IMP’s 48-studio complex),” explains Blevins. “We built this little all-in-one access panel so they can have access to everybody at once as a sort of intercom, complete with their own headphone mix to monitor all that is going on and to drive the show where it’s going next.”

BLADE-3 Interfaces

BLADEBLADES are "radio stations in a box". These 1RU I/O units – which come in analog, digital and analog/digital I/O units - have intelligence inside. Each I/O BLADE comes with a CPU and operating system so you can do amazing things with your audio network, starting with routable mixing, logic-follow-audio and a whole lot more. And because of that, BLADES enable work-anywhere solutions when configured with our virtural consoles. 

Here's a great piece about RADIO OSNABRÜCK and how they are using BLADES and Screenbuilder for remotes around Germany.

Click here to learn more about BLADEs.


VoxPro is a great tool for preparing material in a home studio for use as part of a live show from home, or to completely assemble a show from home and send it into the studio as a pre-recorded show. Nothing else gives you on-the-fly editing capabilities specifically designed for broadcasters. Plus, you can use it record routed-to-home call-ins just as you'd use it in the studio.

Here's a link to broadcaster St. John in San Francisco who put his show together live from the courthouse where he was stationed for morning jury duty, delivered via the internet to the station for broadcast in the  afternoon. Recorded and edited on the fly, his show took moments moments to produce. Click here for more on St. John.

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Remote Solutions for Television Audio Broadcast

Remote Dimension Three Touch TV Audio Console



Remote Dimension Three Touch is a multi-touch virtual TV audio console with 64 faders onscreen that seamlessly interfaces with your Dimension Three Touch physical control surface. It allows you full remote control of your audio including major production automation systems, including those by Ross Video, Grass Valley and Sony. 

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Remote TV Consoles Virtual Mixers

Series2 snag1CaptureA

Series4 snag1CaptureA

D8ex snag1CaptureA

D10 snag1CaptureA

Wheatstone offers virtual mixers for our Series 2, Series 4, D8-EX and legacy D-8, D-9, and D-10 consoles. Control varies depending upon your mixer. See the comparison chart above for more information.

Genuine Wheatstone Add-Ons

Whether you are setting up interview suites or desks, or just making workflow more intuitive and efficient, Wheatstone has the gear you need to get the job done.


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