FM-Translators and Wheatstone

Adding An FM Translator?
Here Are Some Things That Can Help...

The FCC is offering class C or D AM stations a one-time chance to get an FM translator into your coverage area from up to 250 miles away. Available frequencies are limited in many areas and the industry is moving fast. Class A and B stations will be able to take advantage of this beginning in July.

When planning, consider equipment that will help ensure you have a cost effective STL solution using inexpensive IP Radios and our Network EDGE, as well as audio processing for both FM and AM bands, designed to work specifically in this capacity.


Network EDGE

Network EDGE is designed specifically as a translator between high-quality, low-latency studio networks such as WheatNet-IP and low-bandwidth STL connectivity options such as IP wireless radios that are in the unlicensed 5 or 24 GHz range and priced from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

EDGE provides the data buffering needed between the studio IP audio network and the STL in order to handle the latency swings typical of unlicensed IP radios. It handles the necessary delay as a buffer to any latency shifts that come across the link and acts as an interface between the WheatNet-IP audio network and the IP radio. (This is because the critical difference between unlicensed and licensed wireless IP systems is how the two handle latency. IP wireless radios operating on licensed frequencies have exclusive use of the band and therefore have a consistent, lower latency, typically around 100 microseconds. Comparatively, latency on an unlicensed system can jump from 2 milliseconds up to 12 or 20 milliseconds depending on interference or even changes in weather patterns.)

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FM-25 – FM Band Stereo Audio Processor

Ideal for LPFMs, the FM-25 is exceptionally cost-effective, and has intelligent two-band AGC, limiter and stereo generator, plus stereo enhance! 

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FM-55 – FM Band Stereo Audio Processor

Our FM-55 FM audio processor with stereo generator is simple and affordable, yet powerfully modern – right down to its AES digital multiplex into the exciter. You’ll be amazed what its intelligent five-band AGC, or iAGC, can do. For FM stations requiring sound consistency across a variety of source material, this is it. 

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AM-55 – AM Band Audio Processor

Our AM-55 AM audio processor is powerfully modern, yet affordable. Its intelligent five-band AGC, or iAGC, optimized for the AM bandspace, is why. This is the real deal for AM stations requiring bold, consistent sound.

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With BLADE-3s, you can really make the connection between your studio and your transmitter into a workhorse. Silence detection, associated connections, controlling/automating your processing - that just scratches the surface.

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